Due to the restriction of execution period, the program merely takes into account civil as well as construction engineering departments as research objectives. Because of geographical convenience, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology along with China University of Science and Technology are selected as pilot universities, and the education faculty of Chinese Culture University is included as well. The program, a preliminary study, aims to identify the items in terms of ESCR technology suitable for human resource of civil engineering and the content knowledge of ESCR applicable to the life cycle system of civil construction. A series of both university-level academic curricula and industrial-level training courses are organized. In addition, the ESCR concept will be introduced to senior vocational schools by implementing activities. Finally, a sustainable planning of human resource cultivation will be suggested. In case of excellent outcomes resulting from the program, it can be promoted to all of civil engineering departments at senior vocational schools and universities. Also, it can be a viable reference for other departments to conduct the same program.